We don’t currently install Chain Link fencing — but as part of a network of sister fencing companies, we can get the materials for other local contractors and DIYers!

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Chain Link Fence Installation

There’s various methods you can use for installing Chain Link fence. We’ve compiled a few basic steps for our DIYers, looking for a few tips!

  1. Dig holes for your fence posts.
  2. Place posts into the holes, and let concrete set.
  3. Install tension bands and gate accessories.
  4. Position caps on posts, and drive them into place.
  5. Place the top rails of the fence.
  6. Attach each length of mesh to a post.
  7. Stretch each length of chain link mesh.
  8. Tighten the mesh with a fence puller, and reshape the mesh if needed.
  9. Use a tension bar to attach each length of mesh to the next post after stretching it.
  10. Tie the top of each chain link mesh to its top rail using aluminum wires.
  11. Reinforce the bottom of each length of mesh with a tension wire.

Benefits of a Chain Link Fence in Utah

Chain link fencing is ideal for areas where functionality and durability are more important than beautification. You won’t have to worry about repainting your fence or making frequent repairs.

The small spaces between diagonal links provide the security you need to keep animals and people out of your property. We also offer vinyl slats for increased privacy. Our commercial chain link fences are ideal for schools, churches, businesses, parks, and more.

For more information about getting a chain link fence on Utah, contact us today. You can also use our online form to quickly get a free estimate on the type of fence you need.