ShadeSelect adjustable patio covers are made of durable aluminum and provide both the protection of a patio cover and the freedom of a pergola at the same time. Offered in both motorized and manual systems, the louvered roof system can be opened to let in light and air and closed to keep out rain and harsh Utah conditions.

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Enjoy Utah Nature with ShadeSelect Adjustable Patio Covers

Your outdoor relaxation zone can take a beating from nature, from intense Utah sunlight and humidity in the summer and the cold winds and rain of winter. So it might make sense to cover it up, but you don’t want it covered all the time. You might want to let in the gentle rays of sunshine in the fall but shut out the harsh heat of the summer sun—while still getting a cross breeze.

Our ShadeSelect adjustable patio covers give you the control you need:

  • They protect your family space from sun and rain when you want.
  • They allow a refreshing cross breeze, because they’re held up with pillars, similar to a pergola or gazebo.
  • You can adjust the roof to let in more sunlight.

Using either a simple manual control or a motorized system, you can open the louvers, or angled strips, of the roof whenever you want to enjoy the sky more. In moments, you can close them again to shut out a sudden rain.

An adjustable patio cover lets you enjoy nature and your porch more, letting your outdoor space become an extension of your indoor space. A top-quality cover can even add value to your Utah home.

Durable, Adjustable Patio Covers

An adjustable patio cover is a great solution, but many products on the market wear out easily, getting damaged by humidity, wind, and snow. Owners have to perform maintenance on their moving parts pretty often, which takes time away from enjoying the patio and family.

However, our ShadeSelect adjustable patio covers are superior products. They’ll make your porch or patio more enjoyable without causing you extra headaches, because:

  • They’re made of durable aluminum that won’t be damaged by harsh weather.
  • They’re customized for your exact needs, for whatever type of porch, patio, awning, or gazebo you have.
  • All the parts, including the movement system, are under warranty.
  • The moving parts take almost no maintenance.

A Free Estimate for your ShadeSelect Adjustable Patio Cover

Besides our vinyl patio covers, Best Vinyl offers ShadeSelect adjustable patio covers in different styles and colors, as well as a variety of designs for different Utah climates. We have many positive reviews from satisfied customers, so call us today to get a free estimate on your custom patio cover.

Since Best Vinyl hires experienced craftsmen, your pergola project can be designed to match your needs exactly. One of our experienced professionals will come to your property to discuss the possibilities, free of charge.

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