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6 Vinyl Decking Ideas for Your Home

July 24, 2018

When you’re looking to improve your home with some new features, one great addition is a vinyl deck. Given vinyl’s affordable and lightweight nature, it can be put to use in a variety of ways. To spruce up the space around your house, here are six neat vinyl decking ideas you can try.


Use What’s There

To get the most out of your deck, it should complement features that are already present. Consider keeping pre-existing items to enhance the deck’s aesthetics. Similarly, try to improve your backyard for optimal views from the deck and work towards a sense of coherence between your deck and the rest of your home and yard.


Add Color and Light

When you deck is dull, you’ve lost an opportunity to highlight a beautiful addition to your home. Make your deck more vivid and appealing through the careful use of light and color. Use various features like lanterns, glass, and openings to increase the lighting. Likewise, use bold colors that make your deck stand out.



To make the best use of your deck space, you should think vertically as well as horizontally. Not only does a multi-layered deck let you fully utilize all available space, it offers more variety for guests and creates multiple views.


Enclosed vs. Open

When designing your decking, you should consider the level of openness you wish to have between the deck and its surroundings. The more open you leave the deck—like selecting transparent rails—the better views you will have of the surrounding area. On the other hand, you may want to use trees or other enclosures for more privacy. Go with what works best for you.



Just having a nice vinyl deck is great, but adding extra elements to it like furniture, rugs, and plants can improve the atmosphere. Experiment with the spacing to find the right mix, so that the deck feels cozy, yet uncluttered.


Fitting Your Objectives

The utmost important thing to remember when creating your vinyl deck is that the deck’s purpose is up to you. Decks can serve a variety of different goals, from offering a pleasant aesthetic to hosting events. To optimize your decking, keep in mind how you want to use the deck, and adjust your approach accordingly.


Customizable Vinyl Decking

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