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7 Vinyl Porch Railing Ideas for Patios and Decks

July 29, 2020

Do you want a railing around your home or office porch? Did you know vinyl railing can come in just about any classic or new design you can imagine? It can look extremely nice and stay that way for many, many years.

Plus, after we install it for you, the upkeep is easy. It usually just involves spraying it down with a hose! Plus, it will never be attacked by termites and will never rust like a wood or metal railing.

We’ve compiled seven vinyl porch railing ideas that our customers in Hawaii love. Any could be a great option for your deck or porch. If you need advice on picking the right one for your needs, contact Best Vinyl so our experts can help.

Choose the Right Design for Your Home or Business

Your property has a special look to it that is your own. So, any porch railing should fit your style perfectly. That’s why we have seven vinyl porch railing ideas here that come in prefabricated kits. Find the right type for you, and get your creative mind jump-started for your project.


The Greenwich offers a clean, classic look with rectangular pickets, square posts, and rectangular top and bottom rails. It comes in lengths of four, six, or eight feet, so you can enclose a patio, enhance a staircase, or make a railing to lean on.


The top railing of the Yorkshire is molded into a t-rail shape that offers a larger surface area than a rectangular railing. It is reinforced with an aluminum insert for more strength. Also, each picket has a streamlined rectangular shape. Create a great-looking place to lean and sip a drink.


In the Washington, get an attractive, convenient t-rail top paired with perfectly square pickets—a surprising departure from traditional rectangular pickets. Once the simple installation is complete, you won’t see any visible fasteners in your tan, khaki, or white vinyl porch railing.


Complement a historical or colonial style with the Burlington. Instead of pickets, your railing will include sculpted 1.5-inch spindles. Each railing is completed with top and bottom rectangular railings. Create an elegant, upscale look for your home or business.


The Addison features miniature sculpted pillars like the Burlington but also includes a molded top t-rail, which offers a generous, wide surface area. This vinyl porch railing can give a more home-like feeling to a business or a classier look to your home patio.


The Berkshire railing complements many styles of home or office. Each picket is a square with 1.5-inch sides. The top and bottom rails are rectangular, with a reinforced top railing for more strength. Use the Berkshire to add safety to a staircase or enclose a balcony or porch.


The Cheshire rail features a unique accent: a double top rail. This offers a distinctive look that will stand out at home while you’re watching the sunset or spruce up your business. Each picket is a perfect square. Add safety and beautiful aesthetics to any patio, porch, balcony, or deck.

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