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Can you finance a fence?

January 31, 2024

Can you finance a new fence?

Quality fencing will, of course, improve the security, privacy, and look of your home or business.  But how much will a fence cost you? What are your best options for staying under budget without compromising on quality?  Some fence companies – but not all – offer financing options for installation.

In a nutshell, some options for financing a fence may be:

  • Financing with a fence company. The financing may be from a fence company but is often with a partner.
  • Paying for your fence with a HELOC.
  • Using a credit card. Watch out for high rates!
  • Personal savings. You may be able to reduce the price this way by avoiding CC processing fees.
  • Split the cost with your neighbors! If you share a fence line with somebody, consider splitting the cost with them. You’ll want to get it in writing. If they aren’t on the contract, there may not be much you can do if they change their mind.
  • Choose a low maintenance, long-lasting fence. Vinyl fence, ornamental aluminum, and steel privacy fence (with rust resistant coatings) are common options.

Weigh your options and choose what’s best for you.  We’ll dive into these more below

Financing options via fence companies

Many fence companies realize the financial obstacles a homeowner may face when installing a fence. Because of this, some companies offer financing options to make the process more accessible to more people. Financing plans may include flexible payment terms, low interest options, or fast approval processes. Do your research!

Split the cost with your neighbor

If you share a fence line with a neighbor, you may want to split the cost with them. You may be able to split the cost with multiple neighbors, if you share a property line with multiple.
Please note, if the agreement with a neighbor is informal and you sign a contract for the whole price without involving said neighbor, the fence company cannot do anything if your neighbor decides not to pay you back.

Go low-maintenance

Choose a material that is long lasting and low maintenance. Vinyl is a very popular option for this, as is ornamental aluminum. If you’re looking for a fence that has unique aesthetic, privacy, AND low maintenance all in one, consider a Colormax privacy fence.
You’ve got options, but we don’t recommend wood because of the rotting and periodic re-painting involved.

DIY installation

If you’re into DIY, purchasing the materials and getting your hands dirty may be an option. Consider the tools and equipment you’ll need. For some this may be a great route, but it’s good to be aware of the hassle involved.

Personal savings

Of course, you can always pay a fencing company up front if you have the means. Many fence installers require a down payment up front and allow you to defer final payment until the project is built or nearly complete.
This method eliminates the need for additional loans, allowing you to invest in your property without taking on more debt.
Another pro of going this route is that you may be able to avoid paying credit card processing fees.

Credit cards & personal loans

Using credit cards to pay for a fence is an option, especially for small projects. Of course, it’s important to be aware of the potentially prohibitive interest rates and fees. If you plan to go this route, make sure you can pay off the balance on time to avoid high interest charges. It’s important to be aware of the terms of your credit and what impact your decisions may have on your financial situation.


TLDR: Yes, you can finance a fence. Some fence companies may partner with financial institutions to provide financing. A few other factors that could make your fence affordable are avoiding credit card processing fees, choosing a low maintenance fence, and sharing the cost with neighbors who share the fence line with you.

 Be sure to compare terms, interest rates, eligibility, your situation, and other criteria before committing to a financing plan. Choose the route that works best for you!

(If you are interested in financing fence and patio products in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, or Western Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out.)

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