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Can You Install a Fence in the Winter in Utah?

October 10, 2019

The winter months in Utah can be both magically beautiful and paralyzingly cold. So can a fence be installed in the winter in Utah? Yes. Absolutely, yes. The ground can freeze and frost over, snowfalls consistently occur, and ice can form. When it’s so cold, it’s reasonable to wonder what types of yard work you can and can’t do. There are clearly some things you can and can’t do in the winter months, just as in the summer—you’re not going to try and mow your lawn during the winter, for example—but it turns out, in the case of fence installation, winter doesn’t have to stand in your way. 

Building Fences during Winter

As long as the ground isn’t frozen solid, you can install a fence. In fact, there are several reasons why putting in a fence during the winter months is actually better than trying in the summer. 

Protect your Plants

Installing a fence while your trees and plants are dormant will help prevent them from being damaged while the fence is put in. And you or the crew putting the fence in won’t have to deal with greenery that gets in the way. 

Faster Work

Spring and summer are prime time for putting in fences. Fence installation companies, or businesses that offer that kind of service, are really busy during warmer months. So save yourself the hassle of having to schedule the installation months out, and get it done quickly and efficiently during winter. 

Enjoy Boundaries

Putting in a fence during winter will help you feel more protected and established, especially if you didn’t already have one to separate boundaries between you and your neighbors. And while plant-life can often provide that naturally, that ability diminishes while plants are dormant during winter. 

Save Summer Fun

Don’t take up time installing a fence in summer when you would rather be doing fun activities. Getting it done during winter will let you enjoy it all the more in the summer. 

Fence Installation During Winter with Best Vinyl

Vinyl fences make sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing additions to any backyard decor, so don’t let winter stop you because fences can be installed in the winter. Schedule an appointment with us at Best Vinyl today to get a free estimate and get the ball rolling on your fence installation today!

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