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Can You Install Vinyl Fence Posts Without Concrete?

February 16, 2018

Fences bring countless benefits to a property, with little to no downsides. They keep pets and kids in while keeping neighbors, other animals, and unwanted visitors out.

The best kind of fence is one that’s durable, low-maintenance, and attractive. But is this a project you want to undertake yourself, or one you choose to leave to the professionals? Many people that have installed vinyl fences have asked if it is possible to install the vinyl fence posts without concrete. Best Vinyl recommends that vinyl fence posts be installed with concrete for a number of reasons that will be discussed.

Why Do You Need Concrete For Vinyl Fence Posts?

Vinyl fence posts are arguably the most important part of a fence. For a fence to withstand the elements, regular wear-and-tear, and gravity, the posts must be strong and secure. Best Vinyl recommends using concrete to install fence posts for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest reasons is the consistency of the vinyl fence installation. When installing the vinyl fence posts into the ground, it is important to know that soil is never uniform and will change over time. This will affect the posts and, in turn, the rest of the fence. A foundation point is necessary due to wind loads and weight loads.

Concrete is the foundation of the fence. Using concrete in the foundation point will allow consistency for all of the vinyl fence posts. The ground is always settling and moving.  Having concrete as the foundation of your vinyl fence posts creates a firm base that won’t move and minimizes the posts moving.

Get the Most Out of Your Post

Some types of fences have a higher likelihood of tipping, so post installation is especially important in these cases. Full-panel privacy fences, for instance, are the most susceptible to wind damage because they are solid with no way for the wind to blow through the slats--basically making them function like sails on a boat. Essentially, the more surface area your fence has, the stronger your posts need to be.

To ensure secure vinyl fence posts, there are a couple of things that need to be done. First, make sure holes are dug deep enough. A good post hole should bury a little more than the bottom third of a post. You also want to make sure the holes are wide enough--at least three times the width of your post is a good standard.

The argument for building a fence without concrete is that the removal of the posts is made much easier if change your mind about a fence. Best Vinyl’s goal for everyone is to build a fence that will last a lifetime. Using concrete with vinyl fence posts is most definitely the best way to ensure that your vinyl fence will last a lifetime.

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