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Vinyl fences make a great addition to any yard. They look great, they are very safe, and they are easy to install. However, like any outdoor furniture, they can get dirty. Luckily, unlike many other types of materials, vinyl fences are remarkably easy to clean. Here are a few easy steps to help you when cleaning your vinyl fence.

Different Cleaners for Different Purposes

When considering how to clean your vinyl fence, you’ll want to use different cleaners to get your fence clean and looking great. 

You can use water if you’re looking to do some preliminary or otherwise light cleaning. You can either opt to use a garden hose or a pressure washer depending upon your needs. If you have some stubborn dirt or soil that refuses to come off, using a little soap should do the trick.

However, for the toughest jobs, such as trying to remove mildew or mold, you may wish to use a vinyl fence cleaner such as vinegar. Vinegar also has the added benefit of being effective against certain types of bacteria and viruses, including the flu and tuberculosis.

What Can You Use to Clean a Fence?

The great news is that there are many ways you can clean a vinyl fence and leave it looking great. Listed below are some expert tips on how to clean a vinyl fence. 

1. Spray off Your Fence with a Hose

No matter what type of stain you’re working with, spraying with a hose should always be your first step. It removes any loose dirt and grime with minimal damage to your fence. Try adding a high-pressure nozzle if you’d like to get a little more bang for your buck with this step.

You’ll find that in many instances, you’ll get the fence looking as good as new with this method alone.

2. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

You’ll be shocked at how much a simple wipe-down with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will do for you. Skip this step if you’ve got heavy-duty stains, but if you’re working with simple dirt, dust, and general yard pollution, this is a great step that can save you a lot of time.

Using a magic eraser to clean a vinyl fence is easy:

  1. Get it thoroughly wet, then squeeze out excess water
  2. Start swiping your fence, working from the top down
  3. If the eraser gets too dirty, cut off dirty bits and continue swiping until done.

3. Use a Simple Cleaning Solution

This is one step up from using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It will clean most of the same basic stuff as a magic eraser, but it will do a better job of getting into cracks and crevices. For this method:

If you’ve got a few stubborn stains that are hanging on, try using a non-abrasive scrubber.

4. Use Bleach

If the first three steps aren’t getting the job done for you, try using a bleach solution. While some people might balk at using bleach on vinyl—bleach can be powerful enough to begin breaking down your vinyl if you’re not careful—you shouldn’t have any issues so long as you remember to correctly water down the bleach in your solution. This said, you may want to avoid bleach altogether if you have a non-white vinyl fence, as you can run the risk of bleaching your colors.

Just like the above method, prepare your cleaning solution, but rather than using dish soap, try adding one part bleach for every five parts of water. Make sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands as you scrub away at your vinyl fence. You might consider using a pump sprayer to limit your contact with your bleach solution. This method should take care of almost everything.

5. Use a Specialized Cleaner

Some stains can be stubborn, and the worst ones are iron and mold. For red iron stains, try using a specialized vinyl fence cleaner. We don’t have a particular one we recommend, but you can find many effective options online or at a home improvement store. For all other tough-to-get-out stains, try using a xylene cleaner. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more powerful treatment.

6. Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are often touted as one of the best tools to clean fences with, as they provide more power to remove tough dirt and grime than you can achieve with only your garden hose and thumb. 

However, not all pressure washers are created equal. Not only are there different types of pressure washers (gas or electric), you’ll also have to worry about several different attributes such as:

While there is definitely lots to learn about pressure washers, generally you’ll want to use a washer with around 2,000 or 2,800 PSI as that provides the right amount of power you’ll need to clean your vinyl fence.

Go on the Defensive

One thing to keep in mind is that the best offense is a good defense. If you let your fence become too dirty, then specialized cleaners and bleach solutions are more likely to be necessary. Spray down your fence before you reach that point. You could also give your fence a basic soapy wash here and there.

If mold and mildew are likely to be an issue, you might want to consider a protective coating of Mold Armor, Moldex, or some other similar mold prevention coating. Mold stains can be particularly tough to remove, so err on the side of caution and try using a mold protector if you’re in doubt.

Which Vinyl Fence Cleaner Is Best?

When it comes to cleaners, you ultimately have two main choices: You can use a DIY cleaner, or use a store-bought option. Both of these types can be very effective when it comes to cleaning power. Which one is best will depend on how you wish to approach cleaning.

DIY cleaners can be:

Store-bought cleaners can:

How to Make a DIY Cleaner

If you opt for a DIY cleaner, follow this step-by-step process for a simple recipe and how to use it:

  1. Mix ½ cup white vinegar with 1-2 gallons of water
  2. Wet a rag with the solution and wipe down the fence
  3. Rinse your fence with water

How to Make Your Vinyl Fencing Look New Again

While vinyl fencing is known for its durability, even this fencing material doesn’t last forever. Eventually, the elements and regular wear and tear will take their toll, and the luster of your vinyl fence can fade. However, before you consider replacing your vinyl fencing, there are some steps you can try to both clean your vinyl fence and make it look as good as new again.

1. Use Vinegar

You can use a vinegar solution to remove a lot of grime, dirt, and mold that can accumulate. Mix vinegar with water using the ratio given above (½ cup vinegar with 1-2 gallons of water). You can also add some laundry detergent for additional cleaning power.

Next, you’ll want to give your fence a pre-washing with a hose, which will knock off any loose bits of dirt and grime. 

Afterward, you’ll want to use a soft brush or garden sprayer to apply your vinegar solution onto the fence. Make sure to rinse the solution off of the fence as you are working. Using this method, you may want to start from the bottom and work your way up to prevent streaking.

2. Use a Vinyl Restoration Product

While we don’t have a recommendation for which specific product to use, many vinyl restoration products on the market can help your vinyl fence shine again. These kinds of products tend to combat oxidation and sun damage to restore your fence to its original luster.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions supplied with the product, as the directions will vary from product to product.

3. Add a Layer of Paint

If you still aren’t happy with the results, you can always add a layer of vinyl-safe paint to your fence. 

First, you’ll want to apply an acrylic binder to your fence and let that dry. Afterward, using a synthetic bristle brush or paint roller, you’ll want to add a layer or two of paint. Allow up to 24 hours for each layer to dry before adding a new one.

Contact Us

If you try the above methods and getting your vinyl fence clean still seems out of your reach, feel free to contact us. At Best Vinyl Fence and Deck, we have seen every situation under the sun and can usually help you find the right solution. 

If everything else fails and you think you need a new fence, you can always contact us for a free estimate. Be sure to also check our selection of vinyl fence styles to find the best style for your property.

Vinyl and PVC are often confused with each other, but the truth is that these two materials are not the same.

*Note: When installing a vinyl fence, PVC is the only type of vinyl used; therefore it is usually called vinyl fencing.

PVC was created accidentally when flasks of vinyl chloride were exposed to direct sunlight. PVC in present time is created in a lab through a process called polymerization. Polymerization involves many complex chemical reactions.

You can even find the PVC vinyl fence in third world countries because of the affordable prices. PVC is a contractor favorite because it is easy to work with and is resistant to biological and chemical breakdowns.

Types of Vinyl

Types of vinyl include polyvinylidene chloride, polyvinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol. 

Benefits of the PVC Vinyl Fence

A PVC vinyl fence can work great outdoors because it is durable and lasts a very long time. The great benefits of a PVC fence is that it will not rot, warp, splinter or check like a wood fence would. To clean PVC fence, all you need to do is clean off the fence with a rag when it gets a little dirty. PVC fences require minimal maintenance and go a long way.

Since vinyl is a general term and PVC is just one product (which is vinyl) many people are led to believe that they are the exact same thing.

Vinyl and PVC are interchangeably used in the fencing industry. 
Vinyl and PVC fencing are usually a customer favorite over wood fencing because it is easy to care for and durable. It can also be made to look like wood but it does not decay as wood does.

PVC and vinyl fencing can be painted but requires a special kind of pain called epoxy-based paint. It is important to do research on any type of materials used before buying them. You can assume that vinyl does actually mean PVC, but to be safe, you would need to verify the details with the manufacturer.

Choosing a PVC vinyl fence for your property should be a priority if you want to get the most out of your money and have a beautiful presentation for your front or back yard. Vinyl fencing has been in competition with wood fencing for over 20 years. Most PVC or vinyl fences usually come in white because it’s the easiest way for the manufacturer to make it. A type of premium vinyl fencing that doesn’t require much cleaning is called virgin vinyl fencing.

Investing in a vinyl or PVC fence is a smart move because it will last a long time as opposed to wood fencing that require constant maintenance and can rot over time. Those who select a PVC vinyl fence find that they have a durable solution that also looks quite appealing.

Vinyl Fence and Deck Supplies is a top leader in the fence and deck industry of the Lehi area. Only our outstanding client support surpasses our vast expertise in all areas of fence installation and deck construction. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so you can trust that we’ll keep you updated during the fencing or decking process. 

Our Fence and Deck Offerings for Lehi Homes

The following are some services that our company offers to residents of the Lehi area:

Lehi Residential Fencing

Residential fencing is an effective manner of safeguarding your home and establishing the boundaries to your property. Constructing a fence can help prevent children and pets from running into the streets and keep intruders and wild animals off your property. 

There is a wide range of quality materials to choose from, including wood, vinyl, wrought iron, and chain link. Our company’s fence installation process is professional and experienced, and you can even get a supply of bulk fencing materials for your DIY fencing projects. This includes fencing materials in:

Commercial Fencing

We offer commercial fencing that is perfect for your business or commercial property. Our options include ornamental fencing, chain-link fencing, and final wood fencing. We offer both installation and maintenance services along with the materials. 

We customize our fencing to fit a wide range of commercial buildings ranging from warehouses, factories, malls, offices, government buildings, and much more. You can even get security fencing services that come with automatic gates. Scheduling and quality for the right price are priorities, so you can relax knowing that you’ve hired a fencing firm with years of experience, excellent service, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Other services we offer under our commercial fencing services include ornamental fencing, vinyl fencing, and gates, as well as farm, ranch, and field fencing to safeguard your sprawling property. All our commercial gating options are made from attractive materials that are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and offer variety.

Deck and Railing Services

Vinyl Fence and Deck Supplies offer the best custom-made decks and railings for residential and commercial properties throughout Lehi and the surrounding area. We use high-quality components to guarantee that the result is something that you will love for several years. 

A well-constructed gate is arguably the most important part of any fence. Not only can it add the perfect aesthetic touch to your fence and property, but it also adds increased security to keep your loved ones safe. At Best Vinyl, our number one priority is to help you get a vinyl fence gate in Salt Lake City that’s right for your property.

Vinyl Gates Are Long-Lasting

One of the biggest advantages of our vinyl gates is that they are a great investment. Vinyl is well known for its longevity. Unlike other types of fences, a vinyl gate is durable enough to stand up against strong winds and heavy rain. They also never rot, decompose, or rust, which gives this vinyl a leg up on other fencing materials.

Vinyl Gates Are Environmentally-Friendly

A vinyl driveway gate in Salt Lake City has little to no impact on the environment. Composed of chlorine derived from salt and hydrocarbons found in natural gas, vinyl is non-toxic. Our products are free from harmful chemicals that could hurt your loved ones and your property.

Vinyl Gates Are Low Maintenance

One of the best perks of vinyl gates is how low maintenance they are. You won’t have to worry about deep cleaning or hiring repair services. A simple washing with household items, like soap and water, will get your vinyl gate looking good as new.

Contact Best Vinyl Today

Define and protect your space today by installing your vinyl gate in Salt Lake City. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

As a Utah homeowner, using only the best vinyl fence and deck supplies in West Jordan is imperative for building long-lasting, durable structures. Whether you’re replacing a fence or adding a gazebo to your backyard, Best Vinyl Fence and Deck has the quality supplies required to make products that last through the years and beautify your landscape. 

Why Choose Vinyl Fence and Deck Supplies in West Jordan

Vinyl materials are perfect for Utah homeowners. Vinyl is a versatile and affordable material that can be used in nearly any outdoor design and climate. It can be easily constructed into almost any shape and color, making it ideal for the unique designs of modern homes.


Vinyl is a resilient product against weathering and damage, which means you’ll spend less time and money repairing or replacing your fence or deck. Vinyl can withstand long Utah winters and hot summers. It can also stand up to high levels of exposure from the sun, rain, and snow.  

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl is a low-maintenance product that requires little upkeep or repairs. You can easily clean your vinyl structure by spraying it down with the garden hose. With high-quality materials, you won’t have to worry about mold, mildew, rust, stains, or other damage caused by the outdoor elements. 
Wood materials quickly erode and rot after several years of exposure. On the other hand, Vinyl will remain as strong as it was on day one for several years. 

Affordable Prices for Quality Materials

Our products are available in various payment plans, giving you the freedom to match your budget with your desired product. We have a large inventory of vinyl fence and deck supplies so you can maintain your outdoor spaces without breaking the bank.


Vinyl is an attractive material that looks great in any backyard oasis. We carry vinyl products in a variety of colors, textures, and designs to match your home exterior or fit with the landscape. If you like the natural appearance of wood fences, you can even choose a vinyl that has pseudo wood grain indentations. Vinyl is durable and beautiful, making it the perfect material for your home’s exterior.

Once considered too expensive compared to wood options, vinyl fence and deck supplies in South Jordan are now more competitive in price and offer more benefits than wood. All across South Jordan, Utah, and surrounding areas, homeowners choose to build decks and fences made from durable vinyl materials. 

When you choose Best Vinyl in South Jordan to build your fence or deck, you can rest assured that you’re getting both quality materials and professional workmanship.

Why Choose Vinyl Over Wood?

A fence or a deck is a serious investment. Traditionally, homeowners would choose to build with wood since it was less expensive. However, lumber prices have risen dramatically, so wood isn’t as cheap anymore, and it costs more in the long run.  

Here are a few other important considerations that homeowners don’t always think of when it comes to the benefits of vinyl:

Less Maintenance  

Unlike vinyl, wood decks and fences need constant maintenance: staining, painting, termite control, wear and tear. Due to use and weather conditions, you’ll spend a lot over the years taking care of your wood fence or deck. Vinyl is more durable and virtually maintenance-free. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Vinyl remains attractive over the years, doesn’t break down or get damaged by insects or weather, and comes in several color and texture options. There’s even a simulated wood grain look if you want it to appear that your deck or fence is made of wood. 

Whichever options you choose, a vinyl fence or deck can enhance the look of your home and your outdoor living space. And because it is almost maintenance-free, you have more time to enjoy it and much less time to spend taking care of it.

Worth Every Penny 

Overall, you may spend a bit more at first to have a vinyl deck or fence built, but it’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself. 

Why Choose Best Vinyl’s Fence and Deck Supplies?

Serving South Jordan, Utah, and surrounding areas, Best Vinyl is indeed the best, having been voted so 15 years in a row by our loyal customers. Best Vinyl offers:

Top Quality Materials

Our friendly and professional installation experts are dedicated to ensuring you are 100 percent satisfied with our work and materials. 

We use the top-quality vinyl fence and deck supplies for:

Expert Advice 

We also know how important an investment it is. That’s why we will take the time to offer you our expert advice in helping you choose the right color, materials, and additional options so that you are confident you made the right decision. We can work with you on the right vinyl fence and deck supplies in South Jordan that will suit your needs and your budget.

Licensed & Insured Services

Best Vinyl is a completely insured and licensed company. We are ready to beautify your property by replacing your old deck or fence and installing a new vinyl one. We offer a wide range of vinyl fence and deck supplies in South Jordan to ensure an attractive design that suits your needs and taste.

If you’re considering building a new fence in the Salt Lake City area, look no further than Best Vinyl Fence & Deck. We are the region’s fence installation and deck construction experts. Check out the many quality fencing products and services we offer for Salt Lake residents!

Residential Fence Building in Salt Lake City

As a homeowner, you want to secure your property and keep your belongings and loved ones safe. A residential fence is the easiest way to do just that. When building your fence, you can choose from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and chain link. We specialize in professional and efficient fence building. Plus, we’ll even supply you with bulk fencing materials for any DIY fencing projects you may need to complete in the future.

Commercial Fence Building for Salt Lake Businesses

Our expert team is also skilled and experienced at building commercial fences to protect your company and all assets contained therein. We offer commercial fence building, installation, and maintenance services.
We have experience building fences for businesses of all sizes and kinds, and we also offer security fencing that comes equipped with automatic gates. Our team will work with your schedule and budget so you can receive the very best quality fence to protect your business and present an attractive environment.
We specialize in the following commercial fencing solutions:

Deck and Railing Fencing Services

At Best Vinyl Fence and Deck, we offer custom-made decks and railings for both commercial and residential customers across Salt Lake City. Our talented and experienced team is dedicated to working with our customers to build custom fencing solutions that meet every need and work with their budget. Whether you need an addition to your current deck so you can make more memories at home or a fence to stop Fido from running after the mailman, we have got you covered.

If you’re looking for a deck or vinyl fence in Midvale, Utah, that adds final touches to your home, go for a material that looks beautiful and practical. 

Vinyl is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. And with 20 years in the business, our products at Best Vinyl are truly the best. We’ve been voted as the best fence company in Utah for 15 years in a row and are committed to giving you the best. 

Vinyl Fences and Decks Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Fences and decks are an important part of your home, and it’s important to choose a material that meets your needs for look and quality. Our decks and vinyl fences in Midvale, Utah, are made to look like wood without the hassle that comes with real wood. 

With our high-quality vinyl decks, you get the best of both worlds—beauty and practicality. No more worrying about dirt, termites, or even accidental injury because of splinters. Our team will work with you to choose the best option for your needs. 

Our Vinyl Decks Are Guaranteed to Be Strong 

Your deck is a place where you welcome visitors, your kids play, or just a place to hang out, so it needs to be attractive and safe. 

Our vinyl decks are not only beautiful, but they are strong and sturdy. With a Best Vinyl fence in Midvale, you’ll get a fence made to withstand winds up to 110 mph. We are confident of the quality of our material that if you ever lose a panel to the wind, we will repair and replace it for free!

We Don’t Cut Corners

Our team and products at Best Vinyl have a reputation for being the best in the state. And this reputation comes from us not cutting corners in our materials or installation. Instead of plastic fasteners, we use galvanized steel fasteners and aluminum inserts to keep your fence rails in place. We deliver the best because you deserve the best. 

Not Looking for Decks? Check Our Other Products

Best Vinyl in Midvale offers several high-quality vinyl products like:

These products are made from our high-quality vinyl materials and are made to withstand wear and tear. 

Pay on Your Terms

With Best Vinyl, you pay for your purchases on a schedule that works best for you with our financing options. We offer 12 month financing, 60 month financing, and more. 

Contact Best Vinyl in Midvale

Our friendly team at Midvale, Utah, is ready to answer any questions you might have about vinyl decks or any of our products. Contact us today.

Best Vinyl is the one-stop shop for all your deck, fence, railing, and outdoor living needs. We carry a complete line of vinyl products with maintenance-free options that do not rot, or decay as wood fences and decks do.

If you’re looking for a great place to buy vinyl deck supplies in Herriman, give us a call today. There’s a reason we’ve won the award for being Utah Valley’s #1 Fence Company 15 years in a row, and that’s because we provide the quality material customers look for.


Are you ready for a fence that looks better, lasts longer, and is easy to clean? Vinyl is the answer. We know each client is different, and that’s why our vinyl fencing company in Herriman tailors a fence for your needs. We can help you find the perfect balance of style, security, and cost. Our team works with you at all stages, from planning the material best suited to your budget, to installing the finished product.


A vinyl deck is durable and resistant to wear and tear from the weather or everyday use, and the aesthetic of vinyl is unparalleled; you get a beautiful home feature that looks like wood, without breaking your budget, or having to invest in maintenance for years. And with how easy decks are to clean, homeowners in Herriman can enjoy summer with the best vinyl decks in town.


Relax in the shade and escape the Herriman summers with a gazebo from Best Vinyl. Gazebos are great for outdoor entertaining and living spaces, and they work as an area where children can play safely outside with friends, without being seen from the street.

Vinyl has many of the benefits of wood, metal, and brick with no large maintenance requirements. For example, vinyl gazebos won’t fade or crack as other materials might and instead maintain their original color from season to season.


Set up a vinyl pergola that you can use for dining and relaxing. Often freestanding structures, these structures can also be set up on vinyl decks, and come with the option of patio covers. If there’s not enough shade yet, add lattice panels along the side to allow for climbing vines that add beauty to any Utah home.

A vinyl pergola can help you maximize your outdoor space during Herriman summers. It offers much-needed shade to your yard and plenty of design options for convenience and customization, and Best Vinyl also offers the option of an awning shade installation for customized shade under your pergola.


Best Vinyl has gates that are perfect for any project you have in mind. Whether small or large, our experts will help create the ideal gate tailored to your needs. While other companies switch to plastic fasteners or even skip them altogether, we use galvanized steel and aluminum inserts on our vinyl gates for lifetime stability.


Arbors are an ideal way to spruce up your backyard with depth and character. When you need the best vinyl arbors in Herriman, look no further than Best Vinyl. We offer custom-made and affordable options for your project to add curb appeal that will impress.

Porch Railings

A railing can withstand all kinds of wear and tear, from harsh weather like rainstorms to snow falling off roofs onto your porch, and make your porch safe, and accessible to everyone.

If you’re ready to upgrade your landscape and looking for quality vinyl fence and deck supplies in Draper, look no further. At Best Vinyl, we carry only the best quality equipment to help you create the backyard of your dreams. 

Draper, Utah, is a breathtaking city nestled in the Salt Lake Valley along the Wasatch Front. Draper is home to older homes under renovation and newer construction, most with backyards and a view of the imposing mountains. The summer months are perfect for lounging in the backyard with friends and neighbors. 

Voted Best Fence Company of Utah Valley for 15 years in a row, Best Vinyl has the products and expertise you need to beautify your space. 

Why Vinyl?

At Best Vinyl, we make sure you have top-quality vinyl fence and deck supplies in Draper to compliment your home. Vinyl offers a sound, reliable structure that will last years to come. We build with vinyl because it’s:

Low Maintenance

Vinyl is an excellent option for families and homeowners who don’t have time for landscape upkeep. The material of your fence or deck determines how much time you will have to spend taking care of the structure.

Wood fences and decks require constant maintenance, like frequent pressure washing, repainting, and termite treatment. And even then, wood is susceptible to the weather and warps quickly. A vinyl structure just needs the occasional wash and a quick inspection for damage.


Not only is vinyl low maintenance, but it also lasts much longer than wood. Vinyl fences and decks don’t warp, and they don’t show their wear and tear like other materials. You can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about building a new fence in 5-10 years! Your yard will continue to look clean and beautiful while you move on to the next house project!

Why Choose Our Vinyl Fence and Deck Supplies?

We Give Back!

At Best Vinyl, we believe in giving back to the community. Doing good business has a lot to do with doing good deeds! We use our expertise and resources to help bolster community members who need help!


Best Vinyl is an insured and licensed company with expert builders. Some of our products include:






ShadeSelect Patio Covers


Porch Rails

We offer several different designs, so our clients can have a structure that reflects their personal taste and style. We want you to love your home!


We know that building a new fence or deck can be a huge undertaking. That’s why we offer 12 months and 60 months financing plans! Build the landscape of your dreams with only the best vinyl fence and deck supplies in Draper!

Deck, Pergola, & Fence Install in Utah
When you choose to work with Best Vinyl, you're choosing a team of experts who take pride in the quality of our products and the precision of our work. Consider us for your next deck, pergola, or fencing project! 
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