Many people want to spend more time outdoors, and they want to do so through more of the year. The challenge is the elements. From rain to hot sunshine, sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable outdoors, even right outside the home.

A custom pergola can help solve this dilemma by offering a little shelter from the elements while still maintaining the feeling of being outdoors. Pergolas consist of posts, beams, and rafters that can be built in a variety of locations and in a wide range of designs. These ideas will help inspire the right design for your custom pergola.

Outdoor Seating Area

Adding seating to a pergola is a common feature. One thing you can do to take the design further is to build a bench onto one or more of the pergola’s sides to make it even more inviting.

Deck Pergola

We all love to spend time out on the deck, but in the rain or intense sunshine, it can be less comfortable than we’d like. A pergola built over your deck makes it much more comfortable and versatile.

Garden Pergola

Building a custom pergola over a patio that is adjacent to or surrounded by a garden creates a wonderful outdoor living space. You get the comfortable living space a pergola provides while being surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

Hanging Plant Pergola

If you don’t have a garden around your custom pergola, you can hang one from it. Adding plant hooks to the posts and beams of a pergola allows you to add a nice green touch to your outdoor living space.

Hanging Light Pergola

One of the most popular ways to add great atmosphere to your custom pergola in the evening is to string lights across space. You can run the lights from the rafters, or you can add hooks to the structure specifically for those great outdoor lights.

Pergola Swing

This custom pergola design can be both romantic and fun. Hanging a bench swing from your pergola offers more sitting space that has the added element of movement to enjoy.

Backyard Pergola

Your pergola doesn’t have to be close to your house. You can build it farther away in your background to create a nice outdoor living space that is more secluded and surrounded by your landscaping.

Whatever your preferences, adding a custom pergola to your property will give you a great outdoor living space while also adding value to your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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