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Get Inspired With 10 Backyard Privacy Ideas

December 20, 2018

Owning a home is a milestone for many couples, and has long been considered part of the “American dream.” However, if you live in a busy or crowded neighborhood, you may be wishing for a bit more privacy. Fortunately, there are lots of backyard privacy ideas that you can implement to solve this problem!

Here are 10 backyard privacy and privacy fence ideas that can help you to enjoy a little extra peace and quiet:

1. Hang Drapes

Hanging drapes is probably the most cost-efficient idea on this list. Outdoor drapes are relatively cheap and give you some basic privacy by blocking your neighbor's view of your backyard.

2. Faux Hedges

Faux hedges can be a wonderful way to maintain privacy and add some nice aesthetic to your backyard. With quick installation, no watering, and no pruning, these hedges can be an easy fix to your privacy problem.

3. Grow a Hedge

If you prefer the real deal, you can also grow your own hedge. This method does take more effort than installing a faux hedge but can grant a bigger payoff, especially if you pick a flowering plant such as a rhododendron.

4. Layered Plantings

If you own a large amount of property, you can show off your gardening skills by planting all sorts of foliage. Whether it’s trees, shrubs, perennials, or all three—the opportunities are endless!

5. Trellis with Climbing Plants

Installing a trellis alone does a great job at blocking the view into your yard. With careful diligence in growing your climbing plants, a trellis can serve as a beautiful addition to your yard as well.

6. Container Gardens

Growing a container garden is a great way to liven up your backyard with vibrant colors. The right selection of potted plants offers the same function as a backyard privacy fence.  

7. Install a Fountain

Running water can be quite effective at drowning out the neighborhood noise. Careful though, making your fountain too loud can cause just as much disruption as the sounds you are trying to mask.

8. Stone Walls

Stone walls can be a pain to construct but are quite effective as a backyard privacy fence. Even a two- or three-foot wall can grant you some much-needed privacy.

9. Pergolas

Pergolas can help turn your backyard into an outdoor living room by providing shade from the sun as well as hiding your patio from onlookers. Best Vinyl offers a variety of durable vinyl pergolas that very customizable.

10. Vinyl Fences

Sometimes the best thing to do is put up a fence. Vinyl fences are relatively easy to install and require no maintenance. There are plenty of vinyl fence and gate options to choose from with Best Vinyl, ensuring you get exactly what you want.


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