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How to Incorporate Vinyl Arbors in Your Backyard

March 6, 2018

Your patience has finally paid off. The cold weather is passing, the sun is returning, and it is time to go out in the yard and get started on those projects you have been dreaming about all winter long.


One of the most effective ways to add style, comfort, and dimension to your backyard is to add one or more arbors to your landscaping design. Arbors offer a tremendous amount of versatility with endless options that can work in just about any setting. To get the added benefit of durability from your arbors, look into quality vinyl arbors. They combine all the benefits of arbor design with the lasting materials and ease of installation of vinyl.

What are Vinyl Arbors?

Simply put, an arbor is a tunnel-like structure that separates one area of your yard from another. It often has a trellis as part of its structure.


One great way to incorporate vinyl arbors into your yard is to use them to break up your yard into different areas. By putting an arbor between the grass and the garden or the patio, you add greater dimension to your space and can give each area its own look and purpose.


Another great benefit of vinyl arbors is to create shaded areas in your yard. An arbor can offer respite from the hot sun after working in the garden or playing on the grass.


You can also use vinyl arbors to create entryways and gates. By adding an arbor to the entrance of your yard or garden, you add a welcoming feel. Passing through your arbor is like entering another realm. Leave your worries at the other side and step into a calming area to enjoy.


Either on its own or as another dimension of an entryway, using your arbor as a climbing structure for plants helps tie it to the rest of your yard allowing it to blend with the surroundings while adding more green to the area. Conversely, a vinyl arbor is perfect for holding back bushes or other plants from growing over paths.


You can also use larger arbors as sitting areas for enjoying a cool drink and conversation in the shade of your lush climbing plants.

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