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How to Maintain Your Vinyl Products

June 4, 2018

Vinyl products add beauty and protection to your home and yard. Vinyl fencing, arbors, and pergolas bring character and functionality to any home and fit in with any style. But protecting them can be a challenge. They are exposed to the weather and other wear and tear all day as they spend the day giving you shade and keeping your kids’ ball in the yard. It is important that you take the right steps in maintaining your vinyl products to help them last a lifetime.


Vinyl products have more enemies than you might think. Vinyl fences, arbors, and pergolas are strong, but any product will begin to wear down over time when constantly faced with harmful elements. Sunlight, heat, rain, and other forces can affect the coloring and strength of your vinyl products. But there are many ways to protect and maintain them!


Be Proactive With Regular Cleanings

One way to protect your vinyl products is by being proactive. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, do a few simple and easy things to avoid problems!

Cleaning your vinyl products regularly will help maintain the color and keep it from fading. Use a simple cleaning solution, like water and a mild cleaner, to clean dirt and mildew from the surface. Avoid using oil, wax, or other harmful solutions to clean your vinyl fencing and pergolas.


Maintain Vegetation

Be sure to maintain any vegetation or growth around your vinyl arbors and pergolas. Unkempt growth can cause and hide stains or other effects harmful to your vinyl products. These problems can be difficult or impossible to remove and affect the strength of your vinyl products.


Monitor Play Time

Backyards are meant for playing, but vinyl pergolas and fences are not. Avoid high force and playing near vinyl products so that you don’t accidentally hit or break them. If you do dent your vinyl fences, arbors, or pergolas, don’t worry! Life happens and accidents are a part of that. Be sure when these accidents happen that you take care of them promptly instead of letting it weaken your vinyl product as time goes on.

Vinyl fences, arbors, and pergolas protect your yard and family from sun, wind, and rain. But that sun, wind, and rain can harm your vinyl when ignored. Best Vinyl Fence and Deck knows how important your vinyl products are to your home. Contact us today to learn more about your vinyl options and how to maintain your vinyl products!

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