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January 9, 2022

How are Best Vinyl fences installed?

Basically, our fences are installed just like wood fences. Most components are precut and routed from the factory. First, posts are secured to the ground with concrete footings. Then rails are inserted into posts and finally pickets into rails. A properly installed fence is a strong, durable, lifetime fence. If you want to get a jump on the project or just get an idea of what’s involved in installing vinyl fence feel free to look at the following links.

Do Best Vinyl fences look like wood?

We do carry options which look a lot like wood in a vinyl wood grain style.

Do your products meet safety and building codes?

Most of our products meet or exceed local, state and national building codes. Because building codes vary from region to region, you should contact your local building code authority.

Are Best Vinyl fences safe for horses?

Yes. The manufacturer has been serving the equine community since 1984, and our vinyl’s smooth surface discourages horses from chewing, leaning and rubbing against the fence to scratch themselves.

Will Best Vinyl fences burn?

Our vinyl has a high flash point of 900°F, so it doesn’t ignite easily. If fire is held to it, it will burn. But as soon as the flame is removed, the vinyl will self-extinguish.

How do I clean my vinyl fence?

Our vinyl is designed to be maintenance-free, and usually only requires the occasional rinse with a garden hose. But if more serious cleaning is necessary, a soft bristled brush with detergent or even a mild bleach solution will do the trick. Cleaning products should always be tested on a hidden section of your product before using on exposed areas.

Are Best Vinyl fences more expensive than wood fences?

Initially, our product costs more than wood (unless you’re buying premium wood, then they’re about on par). But you’ll never need to invest any more time or money into them because they come with our lifetime warranty. Wood, on the other hand, will need to be maintained for the rest of its lifespane span, whether painting, staining, repairing or replacing. And with wood’s cost increasing while its quality decreases (most of it’s young growth lumber), vinyl products have never been a more attractive purchase.

What are Impact modifiers?

Impact modifiers are important ingredients for our vinyl. We add just enough flexibility to our vinyl so that our fences will flex under most impacts. We reinforce many fence styles with rust resistant steel inserts to assure strength and stability. Our fences are designed to look like new, even after years of use.

What Best Vinyl fences made of?

Our exclusive vinyl is formulated from raw materials including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. Because we use only premium ingredients, you’ll get superior performance.

Do I have to use the post caps shown in your photos?

No. We offer a lot of options on post caps in all available fence colors, so you can choose a specific style or mix and match as you like.

Are Best Vinyl fences environmentally safe? Do they contain lead?

Our vinyl is safe and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain lead or require the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals needed to treat and maintain wood. It’s environmentally safe, and because lumber isn’t used, trees are left standing. There aren’t any chemicals used that might contaminate your yard, and our vinyl doesn’t break down when exposed to soil, groundwater or the elements.

How strong are Best Vinyl fences?

Our vinyl has 5 times the tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood. We improve that performance and make our systems even sturdier by adding cross-braces in gates, reinforced ribs in rails, a sturdy rail system and maintenance-free metal inserts.

Will my Best Vinyl fence turn yellow?

No. Yellowing in vinyl products is due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Our products contain an industry leading 10 parts per 100 of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is an extremely effective UV inhibitor. This amount of TiO2 is more than enough to prevent breakdown from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Do Best Vinyl fences mildew?

Our vinyl has a smooth, non-porous surface, which makes it difficult for mildew to grow. But if conditions are humid enough, mildew can appear. If it does, it can be easily removed with water and/or a mild bleach solution.

What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is the main component in the manufacturing process of our products. There are many chemical forms of vinyl. Some formulations are flexible. Others are termed “rigid.” our product is formulated out of this rigid dry-blend compound developed for high output extrusion. Our exclusive formula is blended for outdoor toughness and high quality.

How are Best Vinyl fences manufactured?

Our products are manufactured using a state-of-the-art process called coextrusion, which concentrates UV inhibitors on the exterior layer where they can combat the sun’s harmful rays.

What colors do Best Vinyl fences come in?

Most of our products are manufactured in 3 colors: white, khaki and tan, however, there are a few other options we can show or tell you about when bidding your project.

Are Best Vinyl fences safe and durable for everyday use?

Our products are safe enough for even the youngest members of your family, because they have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges or splinters. Not only do our products hold up to regular property maintenance, but they’re also made to bounce back on impact because they’re reinforced with steel or aluminum inserts. It is wise, however, to be careful when using mowers, weeders or clippers along your fence line.

How heavy are Best Vinyl fences?

Our vinyl weighs only about 1.1 pounds per linear foot, which is much lighter than the typical wood used in home projects. But it’s stronger, lasts longer and is easier to work with than wood.

Will it crack?

All materials expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. But impact modifiers act as an added safety measure, adding flexibility to our vinyl so that it’ll give instead of crack or splinter like wood. Our products are designed to operate under normal home or horse owner conditions, and will only crack under extreme circumstances.

Can I paint my Best Vinyl fence?

Our products are designed to look like they’re always freshly painted, so the only reason to paint them would be to change color. Epoxy-based paint is the only paint that will adhere properly to a vinyl surface, but it also damages the surface and therefore voids our lifetime warranty, so we don’t recommend it.

What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a chemical additive that acts as a sunscreen for our vinyl. Our product contains 10 parts per 100 of TiO2. Because our vinyl is manufactured using co extrusion, the majority of TiO2 is concentrated on the outer layer where it is exposed to the sun. This ingredient is critical to the long-term weather ability of our vinyl products.

What is Co-Extrusion?

Co-extrusion is the manufacturing process the manufacturer uses to molecularly bond the ingredients into two layers. These layers are fused through extreme heat and pressure and cannot be physically separated. Co-extrusion allows the manufacturer to have the ability to control the placement of the majority of the UV inhibitor TiO2 to the outside where it is exposed to the sun.

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