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Vinyl Patio Covers: What You Need to Consider

October 1, 2018

There are many reasons to add a patio cover to your home. They make your outdoor space more versatile. You can enjoy sitting outdoors in the shade on a hot summer day, and you can still be outside nice and dry on a rainy fall or spring afternoon.

Along with the many reasons for adding a cover to your patio, there are some considerations to keep in mind. These tips will help you choose the right cover for you and your needs.


Selecting the Right Type of Vinyl Patio Cover for You


There are a number of designs and types of vinyl patio covers to choose from when you get started. The type of cover you select depends on the space you want to cover and what kind of coverage you prefer.

Pergolas are a great option for a vinyl patio cover. They offer a nice combination of coverage and openness so you can still feel the breeze and enjoy the view. Pergolas also come in a variety of designs, so you can choose something that fits well with your home and yard design.

A lattice offers many of the advantages of pergolas with the added bonus of being attached to the house. With both, you can weave cloth for added coverage overhead. Stringing lights on the structure adds a nice element for evenings out on the patio.

Solid vinyl patio covers are another option that adds even more protection from the elements. The full overhead coverage is a great option for patios that are more exposed to the elements.


Installing Your Vinyl Patio Cover


Once you choose what type of vinyl patio coverage you want, the next step is installation. Since you want your patio cover to stand the test of time, which is one of the primary reasons for choosing vinyl, be sure to work with an experienced installation team. They will have the know-how to fit your vinyl patio cover to your space properly, make sure all permitting is correct for freestanding structures like pergolas, and make sure the structure is safe and secure.

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