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What Kind of Ornamental Vinyl Fencing Can You Get?

September 5, 2018

Choosing a vinyl fence makes a lasting difference for your home. The tough and durable nature of vinyl means you get to enjoy your fence without the maintenance issues of other types of fences. There are also many designs to choose from, which helps you personalize your home and yard in a variety of ways.


Privacy Vinyl Fence

This is the most popular type of ornamental vinyl fencing. It is ideal for separating your property from other neighboring properties and nearby streets and walkways. Privacy fencing gives you just that—a private space separate from the surrounding area. It also helps keep children and pets safely within the yard.


Closed Picket Fence

This is the quintessential ornamental vinyl fencing. It defines your property while adding a great decorative look without blocking the view. Ornamental vinyl fencing, even in seasonal climates like Layton, Utah, has made strides in durability and appearance. You get the classic look of a white picket fence without the maintenance issues like painting that come with wooden fencing.


Alternating Picket Fence

To add a little more ornamentation to your fence, you can opt for this unique look. The alternating wide and narrow slats add a great design feature to a classic look.


Semi-Private Fence

This is a great compromise option for enclosing your yard while allowing a little more light and visibility. Your yard is still enclosed and secluded, but the small gaps between slats allow you to see out of your yard and let in a little more light and breeze.


Lattice Top Privacy Ornamental Vinyl Fencing

You can get all the benefits of a privacy fence with this option while also adding a designer touch. The lattice on top of the fence is secure and strong enough to withstand winds up to 110 MPH.


Picket Top Fence

A picket top fence gives you the privacy you want with a great design you’ll love. This fencing really stands out.


Scalloped Picket Style Fence

To add even more style with a truly unique look, you can opt for this great design. You get the classic feel of a picket fence along with a scalloped pattern that really finishes your yard design.


Ranch Rail Style Fence

Give your yard a country feel with this classic ranch style look. The rail fence is strong and durable. It defines your yard and makes it feel even more like home.


To learn more about your options for ornamental vinyl fencing in Layton, Utah, contact Best Vinyl today.

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