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Why Vinyl is the Best Material for Gazebos

September 21, 2018

When it comes to upgrading your yard, a gazebo is an excellent addition that brings new life to your property. From sitting outside and relaxing in the shade to serving as the centerpiece of each outdoor event you host, your new gazebo will be a worthwhile feature of your home.

When it comes to designing a gazebo, a major question is what material to use. Should you opt for wood or vinyl? This decision will impact how much time you spend maintaining your gazebo and how long it will last.


Vinyl Gazebo vs. Wood

There are a few factors to consider when making this decision. Things like appearance, maintenance, and durability are all factors that will impact your choice.

Appearance is something that makes less of a difference than people tend to think. Just as wood can be painted or stained in many different colors and shades, vinyl offers many options as well. The real key in this regard is how long that appearance will last and what maintenance is involved. A wooden gazebo will require repainting and finishing multiple times over the lifetime of the structure. A vinyl gazebo, on the other hand, will likely require little more than an occasional power washing. This can be done with a good nozzle on a regular garden hose, assuming the pressure is sufficient. That makes maintaining a vinyl gazebo much simpler over time.


How Long Will Your Gazebo Last?

Durability is where wood and vinyl are similar. While a vinyl gazebo might suffer from cracks or breaks from a direct hit like a rock thrown from a lawnmower, they are otherwise highly durable. Construction is a key factor. If your vinyl gazebo is constructed using strong steel fasteners and aluminum inserts, then the structure is even stronger than those made using plastic. This is an important consideration. Strong fasteners and inserts will stand up to winds and help ensure that your gazebo lasts.

Gazebos made from wood are likewise durable, though this depends on maintenance. Wood that has been left too long between painting or staining can be compromised by the elements. Joints can become weakened if the wood is softened by the abuse of sun, wind, water, and temperature fluctuations.

For a gazebo that will last a lifetime, vinyl is the material to choose. The lower maintenance required for a vinyl gazebo means that you can enjoy a quality space that will look great and stand strong for as long as you own your home.


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