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Vinyl Closed Picket Fence

Similar to the picket fence you typically envision, this design has gaps between each of the vinyl pickets. However, instead of the pickets ending at sharp points, the top of the fence is closed with a vinyl covering like you see at the top of other vinyl fences. Fence posts with decorative caps break the fence into sections and are a few inches taller than the picketed sections. This creates an overall appearance similar to traditional wood picket fences.
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You can also choose an alternating picket fence. This style includes two different sizes of picket slats with small gaps between each for a twist on the classic picket fence look. Our closed picket fence will stay new looking with virtually no maintenance.With Valleywide, you’ll get top-quality vinyl fencing. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a vinyl fence with the appearance of wood, we do have color options with a wood-grain design in other, select fencing styles.

Best Vinyl provides several design options for a closed picket fence. You can choose from a variety of height and color options, as well as different caps for the fence posts. Customize your fence to match your personal style preferences and create a yard aesthetic that makes it hard to stay indoors.

Available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’

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