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A primary strength of vinyl fence is that it's low maintenance and generally doesn't require upkeep. That said, just in case you need or want to adjust your vinyl fence gate, we put together this video tutorial on how to do it yourself.

Does your gate need an adjustment? Telltale signs are:

If you're having trouble adjusting your vinyl fence gate or don't want to do it yourself, get in touch with an installer near you. We service Utah and surrounding areas.
If you need a new vinyl fence gate -- materials alone or installation included -- we're happy to help. Contact us to learn more or get a free estimate.

If you're interested in further tutorials on the installation or repair process for vinyl privacy fence, check out the videos below!

  1. Vinyl fence installation, part 1 of 2

2. Vinyl fence installation, part 2 of 2

3. Vinyl fence: how to repair a section

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Can you finance a new fence?

Quality fencing will, of course, improve the security, privacy, and look of your home or business.  But how much will a fence cost you? What are your best options for staying under budget without compromising on quality?  Some fence companies – but not all – offer financing options for installation.

In a nutshell, some options for financing a fence may be:

Weigh your options and choose what’s best for you.  We’ll dive into these more below

Financing options via fence companies

Many fence companies realize the financial obstacles a homeowner may face when installing a fence. Because of this, some companies offer financing options to make the process more accessible to more people. Financing plans may include flexible payment terms, low interest options, or fast approval processes. Do your research!

Split the cost with your neighbor

If you share a fence line with a neighbor, you may want to split the cost with them. You may be able to split the cost with multiple neighbors, if you share a property line with multiple.
Please note, if the agreement with a neighbor is informal and you sign a contract for the whole price without involving said neighbor, the fence company cannot do anything if your neighbor decides not to pay you back.

Go low-maintenance

Choose a material that is long lasting and low maintenance. Vinyl is a very popular option for this, as is ornamental aluminum. If you’re looking for a fence that has unique aesthetic, privacy, AND low maintenance all in one, consider a Colormax privacy fence.
You’ve got options, but we don’t recommend wood because of the rotting and periodic re-painting involved.

DIY installation

If you’re into DIY, purchasing the materials and getting your hands dirty may be an option. Consider the tools and equipment you’ll need. For some this may be a great route, but it’s good to be aware of the hassle involved.

Personal savings

Of course, you can always pay a fencing company up front if you have the means. Many fence installers require a down payment up front and allow you to defer final payment until the project is built or nearly complete.
This method eliminates the need for additional loans, allowing you to invest in your property without taking on more debt.
Another pro of going this route is that you may be able to avoid paying credit card processing fees.

Credit cards & personal loans

Using credit cards to pay for a fence is an option, especially for small projects. Of course, it’s important to be aware of the potentially prohibitive interest rates and fees. If you plan to go this route, make sure you can pay off the balance on time to avoid high interest charges. It’s important to be aware of the terms of your credit and what impact your decisions may have on your financial situation.


TLDR: Yes, you can finance a fence. Some fence companies may partner with financial institutions to provide financing. A few other factors that could make your fence affordable are avoiding credit card processing fees, choosing a low maintenance fence, and sharing the cost with neighbors who share the fence line with you.

 Be sure to compare terms, interest rates, eligibility, your situation, and other criteria before committing to a financing plan. Choose the route that works best for you!

(If you are interested in financing fence and patio products in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, or Western Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out.)

Can You Paint a Vinyl Fence?

So, you want to make your yard look better? It’s a pretty straightforward desire but where do you start? The simple wish for a more aesthetically pleasing home can easily lead to some feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed.

The truth is: enhancing your home’s exterior often involves more than just a fresh coat of paint or a well-manicured lawn. Your fence, for instance, plays a key role in this process. Nowadays, many homeowners choose vinyl fencing due to its lasting quality and minimal upkeep. You might already have a vinyl fence or you might be thinking about getting one.

However, there’s a common (and valid) question that might pop into your head: Is it possible to paint a vinyl fence?

The answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no”.  Today, we will share our knowledge with you and talk about the possibility of painting vinyl fences. We’ll also let you know what other options you might have at your disposal.

Can I Paint a Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fencing is often appreciated for its lasting nature and simple upkeep.  However, painting a vinyl fence might not be the best idea. Why? It’s all about the vinyl itself. This material – a kind of plastic – is notably non-porous and smooth. This makes getting paint to stick to it quite a challenge. It also leads to the paint peeling and flaking as time passes.

One of vinyl’s wins is its low maintenance. Add paint into the mix, and you’re looking at frequent touch-ups. This added maintenance chore diminishes one of the prime benefits of choosing vinyl over wood in the first place.

Another downside is how paint behaves on vinyl over time. Faced with the elements, the paint can crack and fade. Plus, vinyl tends to expand and shrink with temperature shifts. This adds another layer of difficulty to painting it.

So, it turns out that painting vinyl fencing is not just tough, but it might also lead to outcomes that won’t look as good as you would like. Paint on vinyl can make your fence look uneven and worn, which is far from the appealing, neat look you’d expect. Over time, it can appear patchy and need more care than you’d want.

Colored vinyl fence. signature series, brown, available at best vinyl.

The Colorful World of Vinyl Fences

So, what about the color choices for vinyl fences if painting is off the table? Here’s some uplifting news: Vinyl fences don’t fall short in the color department. They’re available in a delightful spectrum of hues and finishes. That means there are plenty of style options right off the bat.

At Best Vinyl, we’re excited to offer a varied palette of colors for vinyl fences – matching different tastes and architectural styles.

Looking for something timeless like classic white, or perhaps a cozy tan? Chances are, we have a shade that’s right for you. Learn more about various fencing colors and styles, and all this without the extra work of painting.

Alternatives to Painting Vinyl Fences

If you’re looking to personalize or refresh your vinyl fence, there are alternatives to painting. Here is a quick overview of your options:

  1. Wraps or Decals designed for Vinyl Fence:
  1. Choosing a New, Colored Vinyl Fence from the Start:
    • Choose a fence in a hue that resonates with your style.
    • With a wide color range available, find the ideal shade that lasts without the need for painting.

Vinyl vs Other Fencing Materials

You may be wondering if a vinyl fence is the right choice for you. You might have considered a wood fence – after all, that would be easier to paint, right?

Our advice is to take your time to think this through. How much maintenance the material itself needs is a big factor. Traditional wood fences come with a real need for care. You’re looking at regular painting or staining to keep them looking good and to shield them from weather wear.

Vinyl fences, on the other hand, are a standout for being low on maintenance. No painting or staining here! Plus, they’re good at standing up to weather, fading, and those pesky insects, much more so than wood.

This makes vinyl not just easier to care for but also a smart choice financially and time-wise in the long haul. That is why we still recommend vinyl (or other great options like ornamental aluminum and steel privacy) over wood, despite any painting difficulties.

Paints for Vinyl Fences: What Works the “Best”?

Again, we don’t recommend this. But if you still want to give it a shot and try painting your vinyl fence, these are the best options to go with:

Before you paint your vinyl fence, it’s wise to see what the manufacturer suggests. Maybe try the paint on a small, hidden part of your fence first.

Even with these specific paints, you will need to do some upkeep over time, and this could change the low-maintenance aspect of vinyl fences.

Beautifying Your Outdoor Space Beyond the Fence

Do you want to make your outdoor area look better but decided not to paint the vinyl fence? There are so many other ways to add a touch of beauty! How about some creative landscaping? Planting blooming shrubs or setting up a garden bed along the fence line can make a world of difference.

And let’s not forget outdoor décor: Things like lighting, hanging planters, or even some artistic panels can really elevate the space. A skillfully landscaped garden or carefully chosen decorations can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living space.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning Tips

If you do decide to paint it, we recommend cleaning your fence a bit first, as you would with anything you paint. It’s easier than you might think–here are some tips:

  1. Simple Cleaning Does the Trick: All you need is a mix of soap and water to keep your fence looking fresh. A gentle scrub with a soft brush or cloth can whisk away any dirt or stains.
  2. Choose Mild Cleaners: Harsh chemicals? No thanks. A mild detergent will do just fine.
  3. Rinse It Well: After cleaning, don’t forget to give your fence a good rinse to wash off any soap leftovers.
  4. Give It a Quick Check: Now take a moment to look over your fence. Is there anything else that might get in the way of painting, like long grass or branches?

To learn more about cleaning vinyl fences, click here.

Why Choose Best Vinyl for Your Fencing Needs

At Best Vinyl we’re all about precision and quality – that’s what we guarantee by fabricating our own materials. We offer a diverse palette of styles and colors which makes customization a breeze.

What about assurance on your investment? We’ve got that covered too. Our robust warranty offers you peace of mind.

And, we get it – buying a new fence is a significant commitment. That’s why at Best Vinyl, we’ve put together some flexible financing options to fit your budget. Curious about the specifics? Just reach out to us for a no-commitment and free estimate.

tan colored vinyl fence by best vinyl.

Your Fence, Your Way

So, painting a vinyl fence. You could, but should you? We suggest considering the hassle-free alternative — low-maintenance, colored vinyl fences. You have a spectrum of colors and styles at your fingertips. Just a few easy maintenance tips, and you’re set for a stunning, enduring fence without ever needing a paintbrush.

Thinking about the right fence for your home? Take a stroll through our wide array of products and services at Best Vinyl. Let’s work together to beautify your outdoor space with a fence that’s not only a looker but also strong and easy to care for.

Vinyl Porch Railing

A well-constructed porch can serve a number of purposes. It can be a great place to relax with your family on a warm Utah summer’s day. Your porch also serves as a great place to decorate during the holidays.

No matter how you choose to use your porch, you’ll want to make sure that it is going to last regardless of the punishment it comes up against. That’s why you’ll want a Best Vinyl porch railing in Utah.


Durable Porch Railings

Like with all of our vinyl fence deck products, we use only the most scientifically advanced materials available. We want to not only make sure that your vinyl deck railing will stand the test of time but also that you have a fantastic experience with us as well.

Not only will Best Vinyl’s vinyl railing outlast wood, but it will save you countless hours of maintenance and repairs. Cleaning is easy with an occasional spray from your garden hose, and vinyl porch rails will look brand new for years to come. You won’t need to worry about damage to your vinyl porch or vinyl fence due to Utah weather. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your porch railing all year round.

Get a Free Estimate

At Best Vinyl, we want to make sure you have quality materials and superior customer service. Contact us today and we can give you a free estimate on vinyl porch installation in Utah. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Closed Picket Fence Style in Utah

Many of us associate a happy home with a house surrounded by the quintessential white picket fence. Although life doesn’t usually work out so neat and tidy, your picket fence can when you select our closed picket fence in Utah.

What Is a Closed Picket Fence?

Similar to the picket fence you typically envision, this design has gaps between each of the vinyl pickets. However, instead of the pickets ending at sharp points, the top of the fence is closed with a vinyl covering like you see at the top of other vinyl fences. Fence posts with decorative caps break the fence into sections and are a few inches taller than the picketed sections. This creates an overall appearance similar to traditional wood picket fences.

You can also choose an alternating picket fence. This style includes two different sizes of picket slats with small gaps between each for a twist on the classic picket fence look.

What Are Closed Picket Fences Made Out Of?

The development of vinyl fences has made great strides in recent years, and the highest quality fences are strong, durable, and simple to maintain. Gone are the days of spending several days installing a fence and then planning time to refinish, paint, or repair it each summer. Our closed picket fence will stay new looking with virtually no maintenance.

With Best Vinyl, you’ll get top-quality vinyl fencing. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a vinyl fence with the appearance of wood, we do have three color options with a wood-grain design. 

Your Fence, Your Way

We understand that your style is probably different from your neighbor’s. Best Vinyl provides several design options for a closed picket fence in Utah. You can choose from a variety of height and color options, as well as different caps for the fence posts. Customize your fence to match your personal style preferences and create a yard aesthetic that makes it hard to stay indoors.

Give us a call today!


Long-Term Benefits

In addition to adding immediate security and beauty to your home, your vinyl fence continues to benefit you for years to come. The easy maintenance will save you time and money you would have spent treating a wood fence every couple of years. Your pets and children will have a safe place to run and play as they grow up. Plus, should you decide to sell your home later on, a vinyl fence will add to the property value and increase curb appeal.

Worry-Free Warranty

We warranty both our fencing products and our workmanship because we are certain you will be pleased with the appearance and functionality of our vinyl fences. Our fences are designed to hold up against powerful winds and various other weather conditions. If you do lose a fence panel in a windstorm, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

Don’t Take It from Us

See what our customers are saying about their experience with Best Vinyl, including this kind feedback from Rachelle F.

“A big shout out to Best Vinyl! Our fence looks amazing. It was done in a timely manner. Mess was cleaned up. Friendly workers. Thank you all so much!”

Contact Best Vinyl for a Closed Picket Fence in Utah

Learn more about Best Vinyl and our selection of deck and fencing designs. Contact us today to get started on your closed picket fencing in Utah with a free estimate.

If you’re looking for a sleek, clean look to your yard, our alternating picket fence option in Utah is just for you. Its alternating wide and narrow slats offer a semi-private feel with a little extra styling to boost the appeal of your yard.


What Is an Alternating Picket Fence?

Unlike many traditional vinyl fencing styles, an alternating picket fence has two different sizes of slats, with small gaps between each of them. This creates a beautiful and unique design that provides just the right amount of privacy and flair. There is some visibility between slats when viewed from certain angles, while other angles block visibility completely. 

Durability of an Alternating Picket Fence

This alternating picket fence is made of tough, durable vinyl that will last for years. It is made from the same materials as other vinyl fences and has the added benefit of allowing wind to pass through the gaps between the slats. However, if your alternating picket fence does sustain wind damage in Utah, we’ll send a specialist to repair it at no cost to you.

Style Variety

Lower options are great for simply creating a borderline between areas of your yard or your yard and the neighbors; choose a taller fence for greater privacy. It can be installed with various post styles and caps, making it customizable to fit your decor and tastes. Plus, this alternating picket fence comes in white, khaki, and tan, to further coordinate with your decor and style.

Benefits of an Alternating Picket Fence in Utah

In addition to beauty, wind resistance, and durability, there are many benefits to choosing an alternating picket fence from Best Vinyl.

Contact Best Vinyl

For more information about our alternating picket fence designs and installations options, contact us today! Or check out more great vinyl deck and fencing options from Best Vinyl.

Vinyl Pergolas: The Lasting Option for Shade in Utah

Create a sanctuary from the Utah sun by building a vinyl pergola or vinyl patio cover. Whether you want just a little shade or a lot, almost any design you can dream up for vinyl pergolas can be built. And, since Best Vinyl is a manufacturer, your pergola project can be designed to match your needs exactly in Utah.


What are Vinyl Pergolas?

Vinyl pergolas are essentially an outdoor room with cross rafters and no walls, allowing for a nice, inviting place for you and your loved ones to dine and relax. Pergolas are generally freestanding structures, but they can be easily attached to buildings to become a vinyl patio cover.

If you desire more shade, you can opt for lattice to be placed along the sides and roof. Lattice can also accommodate climbing vines, enhancing the already wonderful aesthetic Utah appeal that a pergola provides.

Advantages of Vinyl Pergolas

There are many advantages to installing a vinyl pergola in Utah. Here are just a few:

  1. Vinyl pergolas can help you maximize your outdoor space. During the Utah summertime, it can be quite discouraging to attempt outdoor activities with the sun blazing overhead. Pergolas offer some much-needed shade to your yard.
  2. There are plenty of design options when it comes to vinyl pergolas. You can opt for a pre-made kit for convenience or you can have your outdoor structure custom-made. Or if you’re looking for a more adaptable option, we provide ShadeSelect adjustable patio covers as well.
  3. Pergolas made from vinyl are durable as well as affordable. Due to the nature of vinyl, your pergola will require little maintenance and look great all year.

Best Vinyl

If you are looking to install a vinyl pergola, a vinyl patio cover, or any other kind of vinyl structure, contact Best Vinyl today. We offer free estimates with no commitment necessary on your part.

A vinyl fence gate adds a nice touch to any fence. This addition allows a person to open and close the gate to conveniently leave or enter a property. Further, this fence accessory will provide privacy and security for any property owner.

A vinyl fence gate has a post on each side and an anchor securely attached to the ground to hold the weight of the gate. The gate easily creates an opening for the fence and can be installed with hinges and latches.

Offering Easy and Straightforward Maintenance

A vinyl fence gate is easy to maintain because it rarely need to be painted and hardly ever cracks. Because it’s so easy to maintain, it just needs a simple cleaning once in awhile. If you invest a little time and effort, you will get long-lasting results.

Offering a beautiful aesthetic appearance, a vinyl fence gate is available in a variety of different styles and colors. A few common colors include white, oak, brown, black and red. Some gates have pointed decorative caps and some have round caps at the top of the posts. When building a vinyl fence gate it is important that the gate matches the fence so it can have an attractive appearance.

The gate itself will act as a movable barrier and permits passage for somebody to go through the fence. In order for it to be effective, the gate must be installed securely and hung at an even level in order to avoid any problems when opening or closing the gate. Usually a security gate is more simple and sturdy as opposed to a picket fence gate that is sometimes designed for just its “good looks.”

A Strong and Reliable Material

A vinyl security gate is made of chain link fencing and it is strong and easy to build. Any gate can be customized and built in many different ways. The vertical posts must all be securely installed between the fence and the gate to ensure optimal security. If the gate is installed unevenly, it will hit the ground when someone tries to open it and this can cause many problems.

In addition, the fence supports the hinges of the gate so they need to be fastened tightly. Choosing strong hinge-brackets that won’t rust is also very important when choosing hardware for the gate installation. Galvanized steel is a good choice because it is rust resistant and is one of the strongest available metals.

Opening and Closing Your Vinyl Fence Gate

A great benefit of a vinyl fence gate is that it can swing easily back and forth from the hinges. Additionally, some fences have an automatic gate operator that can electronically control the gate to open and close it. These automatic gate openers are easy to install and generally don’t require an electrician.

Because of their durability, vinyl fence gates will last a long time if installed properly and securely. Even though some people think it will be quite costly to install a vinyl fence gate, the truth is that it actually isn’t that expensive at all. With just a short trip to the hardware store and some tips from an expert, almost anyone can be on his or her way to getting a beautiful vinyl fence gate for their property.

Vinyl can be used for much more than just fencing. Your yard can be transformed into the neighborhood’s top choice for the next Friday-night barbeque by incorporating one or more of several different types of vinyl pergolas.

A common way to use a vinyl pergola is over your deck or patio. It provides enough shade to keep you comfortable while you’re sitting outside, but still allows your deck to feel open and breezy. Best Vinyl can create a custom vinyl pergola to exactly match the shape of your deck or patio – even if the side of your patio is curved. Seeking a more unique option? Best Vinyl can also design an arched vinyl pergola for your yard!

Smaller-scale vinyl pergolas, called arbors, add elegance and charm when placed at the entrance of a garden or yard. Best Vinyl will create an arbor to your exact specifications – flat topped, or arched! For ultimate functionality and privacy, Best Vinyl can even connect the arbor to a gate that can be opened and closed when unlocked. The arbors can be placed over a grill, over a bench, or have a bench swing installed in the pergola to create a relaxing place where you can sit back and enjoy the world around you.

Each vinyl pergola is designed using your specifications and the measurements from your yard. Because of this, the pergola options from Best Vinyl are truly limitless!

Better yet, each vinyl pergola comes with a Best Vinyl guarantee against fading, cracking, chipping, melting, and chalking. This guarantee is valid for as long as you own your home.

The Utah summer months sometimes seem fleeting, so you want to make the most of every moment you can be outside. Landscape designs and backyard designs can amplify the enjoyment of your home and yard. Include some of our backyard arbor design ideas and you can easily turn a dull yard into a magical kingdom.

There are many arbor styles to choose from, it really just depends on your preference and purpose. The great thing about working with Best Vinyl of Utah is that we use only the highest quality materials to create our products, so they are customizable.

Position and Purpose

Vinyl arbors can enhance any landscaping or fencing project. A long or wide fence positioned along a lot line can look, well, quite dull. You can add space and color by adding an arbor or two . . . or more!

Arbors also have more purpose than just decoration. They can also:

Arbor Design Ideas For Your Backyard



For an elegant entrance or to separate differing landscaped gardens, a small arbor like the Florence, Arboria Astoria, or Brookfield Arbor work quite well. These are also lovely for photo opportunities like weddings, graduations, and proms.

For a wider space and larger arbor, consider the Imperial Arbor or the Fairfield Grande. Add water features like a koi pond or fountains to the Imperial for an eastern peace. The Fairfield Grande is made for beautiful flowers like climbing roses and clematis.

The Arboria Nantucket and American Bungalow arbors can add a woodsy homey look to any backyard.

Contact Best Vinyl

Not sure where to begin? Contact Best Vinyl and one of our experts will come to your home to discuss your desires and the options available to fit your needs. Vinyl arbors are durable and need little maintenance, so they are ideal for any backyard. Best Vinyl arbors can be your gateway to peace and serenity.

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